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PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is based on your company using a strategic form of internet advertising where the cost of finding a customer can be monitored, controlled and kept well within your budget. There's more to pay per click management than just buying traffic and the search engine marketing campaigns that we will design for you go way beyond just choosing the key phrases that will best identify your business.

We will help provide you with a PPC strategy and will analyse your e-business model, investigate your competitors and integrate with your overall Internet marketing strategy to create a plan of action that answers your specific search engine marketing challenges.

We can plan time-sensitive promotions, maximise results, and help work out optimum bid prices to ensure your CPA and, ultimately, ROI, are kept well within budget.

We will research and define key phrases that reflect the different stages that your visitors' may be in their buying cycle. This will help home in on those visitors most interested in your product or service.

We'll help you  implement deep linking on your website to ensure that the PPC ads are as relevant and visible as possible which should maximise click-through and conversion rates. Also, available are web analytics solutions for in-depth analysis of the results.

All campaigns are assigned a project manager who will work with you directly. We do not use automated PPC systems which can be very inefficient and ineffective as well a financially costly. We'll use our tracking systems to evaluate the campaign progress and provide a reiterative process which will lead to the campaign's optimisation. 

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