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  1. Search Engine Optimisation Improvements
    Through a thorough analysis of your company's website, we can identify all of the changes that should be made to permit your site to rank higher in the search results. Our recommendations take into account the most recent search engine ranking criteria, changes and updates, and include search engine optimisation suggestions for  your website.

  2. Usability Improvements
    We also recommend changes that will improve your website's usability. Improving usability will turn first time visitors into repeat customers by making it easier for them to navigate your website.

  3. Research
    Our research is focussed on creating a detailed analysis of key-phrases related to your products and competitors. This research helps you maximize your online marketing efforts by quantifying results of your key-phrases.

  4. Top Search Engine Results
    To ensure that your site is monitored by the search engines we hand-submit to the top search engines and directories. We also perform routine follow-ups, monitoring your website's position and resubmitting it when necessary.

  5. Campaign Tracking & Reporting
    We can provide your business with the most professional tracking and reporting capabilities to determine marketing effectiveness, and to analyse e-business performance. This service includes live statistics and monthly reports on specific metrics that are personalized for your business.

  6. Paid Placement
    Many search engines, including Google, MSN, Yahoo!, InfoSpace, Lycos, AltaVista, and Netscape, offer paid placement in their top results (sponsored). We will manage your paid placement program subject to your budget with key-phrases chosen to reach your target audience at click-through fees that actually make sense. With this program you can gain exposure to over 85% of all Internet consumers.

  7. Increased Reach
    We create new websites to feature several of your products and services. These new sites are informative and tend to increase both the end user's experience and the number of visitors that reach you. 

  8. Linking Strategy
    Links to your site, as well as links from your site, can have a major impact on your online success. We employ linking strategies with industry and association websites in order to bring in more traffic, and increase your authority on the web.

  9. Ongoing Research & Support
    We continually update our internet marketing strategies to reflect market changes. Our continuous investigation  uncovers new search engine ranking criteria and new opportunities to promote your business. With a phone call or email we are available to discuss any ideas or issues relating to your business needs in terms of internet promotion through our programs.

  10. Business Promotion Package
    The Business Promotion Program is a comprehensive plan developed specifically to increase online sales for web merchants. With our extensive research, innovative strategies, and regular monitoring, exponential sales increases are possible for you through your website.

Our services are customized to each websites market and needs.

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