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Need Help Marketing Yourself As A Fine Artist?

In every endeavour that in some way relates to business, then it is always - and I mean ALWAYS - necessary to include some kind of marketing to ensure the constant success of that venture. Most fine artists, however, have never given it a second thought until they realize that it is necessary to fully budget for marketing purposes in order to develop their career. Usually the artist relies on the local gallery, or if they are lucky - their manager, to fulfil this requirement.

Nowadays, however, it is possible to reach many more people via the power of the Internet and as such gain a wider audience for your work as an artist. Unfortunately, as many artists have discovered (and many galleries too), is that it is not enough to have your own web page. You need to promote and market that page around the world - or at least around the part of the world where you wish to establish your business. Well, now that you are here, if you are an artist, you will be glad to learn that you won't have to take a course in Internet Marketing to improve your audience reach - we can do all the work for you and let you get on with the most important task you face - developing you art.

Pixel Marketing is proud to have Dr. John McMenemy, an art marketer and artist promoter who has helped take some artists from obscurity to well-known national recognition within just a few short years of managing their careers. Dr. McMenemy has partnered with Pixel Marketing to work with him and allow us to apply our internet marketing services to the art world and help artists and galleries around the world improve their standing in the internet as well as become better known not only locally but also nationally, if not internationally.

If you would like a free consultation with Dr. McMenemy as to how his knowledge of the art world combined with our professional webmasters internet marketing skills can help you become better known, help improve your opportunity of getting your work shown by more galleries or the possibility of finding a manager or agent, drop us a quick email now with a copy of your resume and contact details and Dr. McMenemy will program your consultation. Remember - this will not cost you a penny. But we do recommend you act now as at present, due to other work constraints,  we are only taking on 1 or 2 new artists per month worldwide to help them market themselves and their work to the world.

Please contact Dr. McMenemy at: marketingfineartists @


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