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ArtColombia is on target in 2006 to receive almost 16,000 new visitors and to have published almost 50,000 pages on the internet during 2006. This is a fivefold increase on its 2005 visitor figures and has been due to the work of Pixel Marketing Corporation which implemented a new online marketing program for ArtColombia at the beginning of the year.

This success was principally achieved through the application of linking techniques and general low-cost publicity on the internet. The companies profile was raised tremendously both nationally and internationally.

Naturally the management and artists at ArtColombia are very happy with these results. Even so, they hope to attract double this amount of visitors to the website during 2007.

ArtColombia specializes in presenting the finest contemporary art of Colombian artists to an English speaking public around the world and relies almost exclusively on the internet to get the artists it presents known to a wider world audience.




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